Appel à contributions : Chinese Descendants in Europe (ouvrage)

Si vous souhaitez soumettre une contribution à l’ouvrage Chinese Descendants in Europe, la date limite est le 8 avril 2024. Les propositions de jeunes chercheur⋅e⋅s sont particulièrement les bienvenues. L’ouvrage est co-édité par Sofia Gaspar (CIES-Iscte, Portugal) et Wang Simeng (CNRS, France), et sera intégré à la collection “Chinese Overseas” des éditions Brill.

Aim and Scope of the Book

The book Chinese Descendants in Europe aims to fill a gap in Chinese overseas studies and Chinese youth studies within the European context. For several decades now, Chinese diasporas have been established in Europe (and beyond), where their second and third generation of descendants were brought up and raised. By young descendants with Chinese origin, we refer to those people who were born or immigrated on their childhood or youth to Europe. So far, the few publications trying to put the focus on a European scale and Chinese migration (e.g., Special Issue at the Journal of International Migration edited in 2020 by Mette Thuno and Li Minghuan; more recently the Special Issue of the Journal of Chinese Overseas edited by Simeng Wang, 2023a; and the ongoing project Handbook on Chinese Migration to Europe ( include studies both on first generation migrants and descendants. Likewise, some of the existing research centered on Chinese descendants in Europe is national-based (e.g., Beck, 2016; Gaspar, 2019; Lamas-Abraira, 2021; Marsden, 2016;
Masdeu, 2020; Merchionne and Liu, 2016; Wang, 2023b, just to name a few), mainly focusing on a pre-Covid time, and has a limited scope of comparison among European countries.

Therefore, the need to publish a book specifically on the Chinese descendants in Europe in the post-Covid era is fundamental. In this book, we envisage capturing their personal pathways and social (in)mobility, by addressing their living conditions, language skills, identity building and belongings, education, access to the labor market, NGO membership, political engagement, transnational involvement, digital networks, or experiences of racism and discrimination in the countries they live in. Chapters can include age groups from childhood to young adults (late 20s), and they must be based on consistent empirical data to support the findings.


This book would be a reference work and research guide for academics and students, interested in Chinese Overseas, Chinese migration, and Chinese diaspora studies. It can be used by researchers, policymakers, journalists, NGOs’ collaborators in interested in youth and descendants related to China and Europe.


Those researchers interested in sending a chapter proposal for the book, should include the following information: a) name and affiliation, b) title of the chapter and c) abstract (250 words). Proposals should be sent to both Editors ( and

  • 8 April 2024: Deadline for abstracts of contributors
  • Mid- April 2024: Confirmation of accepted abstracts of contributors
  • Mid-April – 1st September 2024: Writing of chapters
  • 1st September 2024 – 31st March 2025: Peer-reviewing, revisions, copy editing.
  • 1st April 2025: Final submission of chapters for publication
  • Late 2025 – Early 2026: Publication of the book

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